Course participants will be trained in the RF coding system, and in the application of this system to Parent Development Interview (PDI) transcripts or to Pregnancy Interview (PI) transcripts depending on their selection of course option. Course participants will also be trained to administer the PDI or PI. During the course of training, course participants will code between 4 and 6 interviews independently as homework assignments. These homework interviews are then reviewed as a group during the following training day. At the conclusion of the training, course participants will be provided with a set of 5 practice interviews, along with 2 reliability sets (comprised of 10 and 5 interviews respectively). In order to attain reliability, course participants will be required to score at a minimum the 5 practice interviews and the 10 interviews in the first reliability set. Course participants will only be required to code the 5 interviews in the second reliability set as necessary to attain acceptable levels of reliability, or if there is a lag in the time between attaining reliability and beginning to code independently. While it may be time intensive to become reliable, it has been our experience that all course participants who have undertaken the reliability portion of the training have been successfully trained to reliability with the only rate limiting factor being the speed with which they have been able to score the interviews.